Archimedes said, “Give me a long enough lever and I’ll move the World.”

Well, if I’m going to have a future that I’ll enjoy living in, I need to to my bit to move the world so that we all have the future we all want to live in. To create the future I want, to paraphrase the Rio+20 tagline!

I’m convinced we are discovering good ways to strengthen how our existing businesses, and the new businesses emerging now, can harness the healthy side of capitalism to create a future that we’ll all want to live in.(Read this good article on how to do that.)

And it is up to our existing businesses to be leaders in transforming themselves to serve people, planet and profit effectively and ethically. As Paul Polman says, business needs to do for global issues like climate change, MDG etc. what global politics no longer seems able to do.

We can only do this by stepping up to a higher level of working together in all we do. Working together in ways where all of us contribute all we can. Collective, distributed  leadership within organisations structures designed to thrive.

These blogs cover more of my personal thoughts on how to make that work profitably.

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