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Tools and Jobs

It’s easy to forget
that our modern world is the way it is
because we invented it.

It’s easy to forget
that the tool we invented to do a job
is not the job itself.

It’s easy to forget
today’s company with shareholders and employees,
was a tool to create factories.

It’s easy to forget
that even today’s democratic UK
was mostly invented between 1836 and 1928.

Remember, our job is to invent the right tools for tomorrow
(not just polish (more…)

Good leadership – personal transparency

The blog below (in German) from Steffen summarises well the changes needed for leadership in today’s world.

As another co-presenter and participant in the Leadership^3 event in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, I too am impressed at how much more effectively people can perform when they are able to transparently share all they bring. Only then can everyone in a team see clearly how their strengths matter; how each also brings weaknesses to the table; and that only by knowing another’s weaknesses can I see clearly how to deploy my strengths.

Which means one of the core roles (more…)