By Graham
Posted on: 2010-12-10 Transferlogix

A system to drive learning transfer in organisations

The reason why tetraLD exists is making learning and development (L&D) data-driven, and accountable for business performance. So we have invested in a range of tools to align L&D, the business purpose, strategy, organisation and culture. The latest addition to this is the TransferLogix tool, which step-changes how training gets transferred into high-performance on-the-job behaviours. And it does this by first getting solid data on what is working and not working in the training.

This is a new to the world instrument, so we’ve just spent 3 days with  in London training and planning for TransferLogix’s future in Europe.  Alexandra Stoian, Business Development Manager for LTS Global in Europe traveled there in person while Ed Holton joined via Skype.  Maria Saridaki also traveled from Greece while Trend Consult in Poland, Romania and Austria joined by videoconference.

tetraLD now has a core group of 9 people trained in the Learning Transfer Systems Inventory (LTSI), and in the new Transferlogix web2.0 interface that makes it quick and easy to administer.

However, as you can see from these pictures it was not all work.  We also had a grand time after the training enjoying the London Christmas market!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to learn TransferLogix.

See Ed’s blog for more information.