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The climate crisis, 17 sustainable development goals, and the personal challenges we are facing cannot be solved if we just try harder. Just as Picasso and Einstein realised a century ago, when problems are insoluble, it’s because the way we’re looking at the world is the problem. Rebuild is a DIY toolkit for you to be regenerative, net positive, to solve wicked challenges, from your personal challenges through to our global ones. (Btw, they’re connected.)

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Rebuild sets new standards and takes the reader into a whole new path for a better future and a paradigm shift on how the current and future leaders must conduct business and behave towards their followers, collaborators and the wider stakeholder community. This book revolutionises the reader’s views, assumptions and approaches for a more responsible, equitable and sustainable life as a whole. A must read, if you are sincerely interested to be the change you want to see!
Antonio Potenza
CEO Proodos Impact Capital}

The reality you experience is inside you, triggered by what actually happens, and shaped by your lenses and meaning-making stories. You grow your capacity to use better lenses, and so experience a better reality, because you can reinvent the lenses and meaning-making stories you use.


Our organisations are failing us. This section covers how to reinvent organisations from the individual through to the legal incorporation. Create businesses that are good for all stakeholders, from you through to our global environment, because we reinvent the foundations.


An economy is just a method to provide living organisms with what they need to survive and thrive. It’s clear our human economy is failing us massively, the climate crisis is evidence enough. But we can create an economy that works for the planet, for people, and for profit, because we can reinvent the foundations, instead of just trying to patch the regulations.

About the Authors

We can rise, phoenix-like, from today’s burning global challenges. All of us, and our children, can thrive in the coming decades, because we can build a regenerative global economy: an ecosystem of regenerative businesses.

Today I apply the expertise gathered across three careers (particle physicist, manager with Procter and Gamble, serial startup founder) to bring that vision to reality. I incubate regenerative startups; am starting a seed stage investment fund for ecosystems of regenerative startups; consult to multi-nationals and start-ups on harnessing conflict to drive their own regeneration.. And I write books so that you can do it yourself.

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With a doctorate in economics, I have become a tireless advocate of reforming and reconceptualizing economics education so that the discipline of economics can help solve the world’s numerous and interconnected problems. I am the founding editor of the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education IJPEE, which provides a global forum for educators committed to changing how we educate our students and how we conceptualize economics.

I have also written three books on economics, pluralism, and economics education. I am currently putting the finishing touches on a novel exploring the fluidity of gender. I currently teach economics at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

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For everyone who wants a deeper dive into applying the book in practice. A blend of online preparation (about 5 hours) followed by a 3 hour online workshop. This Foundation programme is also the first element of our Startup Factory / Academy and train the trainer programme.

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  • You have an existing business, and want to transform it to one that makes the impossible normal;
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  • You want to leave your job and work in inherently net positive, regenerative startups and businesses;
  • You are a mum or a dad wanting to get back to work, need an integrated way of being both a parent and work that is good for you and the world you want your child(ren) to grow up in.

The Evolutesix Startup Factory (Academy + Accelerator + Transformation + Investment) is the best place for you.

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