Make Your Own Luck in an Unpredictable Business World

A must read for any investor that wants to maximize both impact and profit without compromise. This book uncovers and solves the big reason why business has struggled to deliver both.
-Robert Gladitz – founder of thrive; serial entrepreneur; business coach

What You Will Learn In This Book

Are you an investor or entrepreneur?
Are you needlessly wasting capital?
And can you do better?

If you answered “yes” to the first, the resounding answer to the second and third is also ‘Yes”!

Whatever you are investing now: your money or a fund’s money; your time, creativity, effort, or relationships; whatever drives you as an entrepreneur, especially if you want to solve humanity’s biggest challenges through net positive, regenerative business; and whatever you expect in return, this book gives you the power to make your own luck, to make our ever more unpredictable world benefit you.

This book gives you what you ought to have been given (but likely weren’t) before you even started your career: the secret to thriving in a volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous world.You begin by working with, not trying to prevent and control, unpredictability. This is one of the hardest challenges you will ever face, because the best strategy — what we call an ergodic strategy — will feel more wrong than anything else you’ve tried. Read The Ergodic Investor and Entrepreneur to know why it is actually so right!


Learn which is most important to reach the peak of success, like investing in the next unicorn, creating the next unicorn, or winning a Nobel prize. And find out the reason why companies like Unilever or Procter & Gamble stay steady during unpredicted global headwinds (like Covid-19), while most single-purpose companies experience wild swings. And how this has, is, and will shape your whole life in ways you’re not seeing.

Unknowable unpredictables are the essence of life, but luckily we humans have thrived in the face of it because we learn new strategies when life takes us by surprise. However, business strategies today are no longer fit for our unpredictable world, because we focus on prediction and control. Time for a new strategy, neither aiming for complete control nor completely surrendering to luck.

What you’ve been taught about how capital changes is wrong, because we live in an unpredictable world. A useful business plan must start with capital change processes being multiplicative, and where the order matters. If not, you’re using the wrong equations in building the business plans you’re using to make investment decisions, start your business, or even plan your personal future.

Here are the equations that actually describe real-world capital change processes, multiplicative and order-dependent. You’ll see why business today holds capital like a colander holds water, and what you can do to plug the holes your capital leaks through.

The ergodicity-blind strategies that businesses and investors default to, in order to compensate for the detrimental effects of our non-ergodic world, cause capital to leak away. These all have a role to play in addressing weaknesses in business fundamentals, but are fatally flawed when used to address non-ergodic unpredictables.

In which we test out potential strategies with the power to harness the unpredictables impacting capital, first in a science fiction universe free of key laws of physics to see clearly what might work in reality.

Inspired by the perfect science fiction strategy, you will see what a practical strategy harnessing non-ergodic capital growth looks like — one you can start deploying today in your business or investments.

Excellent execution of an ergodic strategy requires ergodically tuned structures, interactions, and governance. Want to start building them? Fortunately all you need to get started already exists; you just need to use them and optimise them in novel ways.

Bigger is better and the smallest thrive best. Learn how to best execute ergodic strategies by building diverse businesses of widely different sizes, connected together into profit pooling ecosystems, and then connecting those ecosystems.

Ergodic strategies need ergodicity-minded and capable people. Harness the power of unpredictables in your life by applying an ergodic strategy to all of your capitals. Financial, of course. But also your self esteem, relationship, social, intellectual, knowledge, and all the other capitals that you value.

“Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, ‘This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.’” (Hopi elders prophecy) Here’s a vision of life in a world thriving because entrepreneurs and investors use ergodic strategies.

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We often tend to polarize our societal choices as either / or: the market or the state; competition or cooperation between businesses. What is lacking is the third level of integration: the practice and institution of the commons. This book reflects the return of this theme in business thinking, and is a highly necessary preparation for a world in existential risk.
Michel Bauwens

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Graham Boyd, PhD

We can rise, phoenix-like, from today’s burning global challenges. All of us, and our children, can thrive in the coming decades, because we can build a regenerative global economy: an ecosystem of regenerative businesses.

Today I apply the expertise gathered across three careers (particle physicist, manager with Procter and Gamble, serial startup founder) to bring that vision to reality. I founded Evolutesix, a net positive startup ecosystem venture builder, and wrote Rebuild so that everyone can benefit from the solutions we’ve developed to create net positive businesses. He applies the expertise gathered across three careers (particle physicist, manager with Procter and Gamble, and now disrupting startup creation and investing) to bring his vision of an economy that works for all to reality.

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I (Jack) have innovated at the boundaries of economics, highlighting the flaws in mainstream economics, and developing viable replacements. My drive has long been reforming and reconceptualizing economics, and of course economics education, so that the discipline of economics can help solve the world’s numerous and interconnected problems.

I’m the founding editor of the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education, which provides a global forum for educators committed to changing how we educate our students and how we conceptualize economics. I’m also the author of three well received economics textbooks on economics, pluralism, and economics education; and have recently completed a novel.

I’m currently researching and teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.