Star Performance Transfer and individual strengths

This great article from Gallup speaks to one central pillar, contracting, in cascading star performance from your top 20% to the rest of your team:

Performance interventions (whether learning, e-learning, on the job, or a complete organisational transformation) are most likely to deliver fast, permanent gains in performance if there is a clear contract before the intervention. A contract between the line manager and the participant(s).

One critical element is clarity on what is expected of the participant on the job after the intervention; coupled with feedback on how well they are currently doing vs. expectations.

Using our Star Performance Transfer process to do this makes it easy for line managers and staff to recognise strengths. Most of the time this makes it clear just what training is needed to close the small gap between current and star performance.

But occasionally it enables both to realise that the strengths lie in another job type entirely. And easy for the individual to then move to a job that does play to their strengths.

“Action expresses priorities.”  … (Mahatma Gandhi  1869-1948)

This says that you can see where someone’s strengths really are by looking at what they actually do. But, that can mislead without also looking at the individuals skill level, and the incentive system around them. So the way to get very clear is to look at three questions:

  1. What actual behaviours does the job demand for star performance?
  2. What behaviours are actually seen in this individual?
  3. How much of that is due to their inner priorities / strengths being better suited to another role? How much due to gaps in knowledge, skill, or the work environment?

The additional questions in the Gallup report are very useful to explore in depth question (3) above. For the line manager the two most important of these are:

  1. Do employees understand what is expected (priorities)
  2. Do they have the resources they need to perform? (Information, time, knowledge, skills, incentives)

Creating and maintaining star performance is like an F1 car; you need to get everything in tune with everything else.

The good news is; we now know the 80 for 20 of what “everything” must include, and it’s easy to keep these vital few elements in tune. Contact us to know more.