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The Blockchain, FairShares Commons incorporation, sociocracy, and developmental stages.

You can read more about sociocracy on the SoFa and holospirit websites.

Read more about how to make sociocracy or Holacracy work effectively in an organisation by integrating it with developmental practices and multi-stakeholder incorporations in Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You. (Mentioned in the video under the old title, Picasso and Einstein: the Economy, Leadership, and You.)

Key elements:

00:00:00 – who is Graham, his learning journey through life leading to developing the FairShares Commons incorporation form, the Adaptive Way, and integrating both with sociocracy / Holacracy into an operating system for companies supporting DAOs and regeneration.

00:05:00 – harnessing conflict effectively the basis for everything

00:09:00 – why Sociocracy and Holacracy fail: how we interact as humans, and how stakeholder groups interact with each other.

00:11:00 – how sociocracy and Holacracy work

00:19:00 – downsides and failure modes of sociocracy, Holacracy, especially caused by the stance of each person energising a role defines what they do. How Visa began with sociocratic ways of working.

00:23:00 – the six strata (inner-individual, inter-individual, inner-company/OD, inter-company / incorporation, inner-ecosystem / local economy, inter-ecosystem /global economy)

00:29:00 – sociocracy as a way of running life, e.g. family decisions, and distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy power, and the relationship with the Evolutesix developmental P2P coaching process, the Adaptive Way.

00:36:00 – Company law, property law, Identity (I am … ), how that determines what happens at work. How the way we incorporate a company (limited, co-operative) has common ground with Apartheid and slavery. How the FairShares Commons level 5 company solves those problems. Why we need to emancipate the company, why freedom across all 6 strata is essential to address all the climate damage, regeneration needs we have today. How to build one today inside company law.

00:51:00 – How the FairShares Commons companies naturally form ecosystems, enabling internal UBI, caring for the whole and all people as well as light state and many of the libertarian objectives.

00:55:00 – Systemic antifragility and regenerative economies emerge naturally.

00:58:00 – How the FairShares Commons, Blockchain, and the DAO are made for each other. How the FairShares Commons puts all capitals onto an equitable footing and needs multiple currencies for each capital to thrive.

01:02:00 – Why the FairShares Commons is the ideal legal wrapper for any company supporting the blockchain, why any DAO that needs an incorporated entity is best served by the FairShares Commons incorporation (because it is inclusive, democratic, and stewarded); and how to build virtual FairShares Commons companies on the blockchain.

Why this is perfect for everyone who intends to make the world a better place.