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The hidden reason why work cannot work for most of us, and our planet.

Four steps for business to work for all: from wealth generation through human fulfilment to the climate crisis and all SDG — Lessons from ending apartheid

The choices companies and their staff make are less determined by the organisation design and their individual values than by the way the company is incorporated. To address today’s global injustices, such as climate change and the SDG, we must incorporate in inclusive ways that deliver equitably on the needs of all stakeholders, including investors, staff, customers and the broader community. In a FairShares company staff, suppliers, customers, any relevant stakeholder group, even perhaps the city and country the company is based in, all qualify for voting rights and a share of the wealth generated. Read first the section most interesting to you 1) I compare the systems of separation in business and apartheid; 2) discuss how separation blocks us from addressing our challenges and; 3) why current solutions and are not sufficient; and 4) describe a way of creating new startups in a fundamentally different way, viable today, using the FairShares Commons incorporation.

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