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The world today is changing fast, and it is nebulous. Who do we need to be as responsible human beings to create a future that is appealing? For most of us, who we are now is too small for the magnitude of the challenges in our present, let alone our future. The Adaptive Way for individuals gives you state of the art approaches to become who your world is asking you to become, so that you can create an appealing future for yourself and everyone you care about.

We’ve all spent our life learning who we are, what we should do, and what it all means. We’ve distilled these lessons into deep templates we use to give meaning to everything, into patterns of action and reaction. Now is the perfect time for each of us to deconstruct these scripts and patterns, anchored in our pasts, so that we can reconstruct ones that are future fit.

I have found the best, validated approaches to many of my challenges, and turned them into simple, easy to use patterns. Back when I was doing free climbing I always said to myself “When in doubt, lean out” to remind me to relax and get a broader view of the rockface whenever I felt scared and my body tensed up. We now have many such Action Patterns in the Adaptive Way, including Rising Phoenix, McGyvering, etc. patterns to rise and grow stronger from adversity. Having feelings vs. being had by your feelings: patterns helping you take distance from your feelings, so that you do what’s right even when your feelings want you to lash out or run away. Being lucky in life: Patterns to learn, to be lucky in life. Lucky and unlucky people have, on average, the same set of life events. The difference is in the meaning-making patterns they automatically use. Learn how … Beginner’s mind: The highest level of mastery in any field is knowing how little you have mastered out of all that you could master. Standing in ignorance, not certainty, is the superpower for success in a complex, nebulous world.
Power gets stuff done, and can become toxic; compassion bonds us together into powerful teams, and can smother our uniqueness. Each of us is stronger at one or the other; to thrive and create the future you want to live in demands that you become equally good at both. Then you will be, and can enable others to be, in your full, unique strength and together with others in your common oneness.
This is our premium offering. A lifetime journey of continuously: improving how you contribute to creating the reality you experience; increasing your capacity for complexity, paradox and transformation; and becoming ever-more subtle in dealing with your hard-wired nature.
Conflict triggers strong feelings in most of us; fear and anger are common, leading to flight or fight reactions. Very few also see the conflict just as data on how we can each grow. How you can grow, from inner conflict and from conflict with others. Learn how to do this, and take some distance from conflict.
Thriving when life throws radical change at you Resilience and Antifragility Learn how to stay with complexity and ambiguity, not over-simplifying it. Cash in on the opportunities hidden inside what life throws at you, develop your capacity to grow out of setbacks, and especially develop self-compassion when you are set back.
My biggest strength is my capacity to see what could be, and also to see the gap between what is and what could be. All of my innovations as a physicist, in P&G, and as an entrepreneur have come from this. So have my times of depression; feeling so keenly the gap between who I am and who I could be. It’s only recently that I have developed compassion for my depression, realising that it is the flip side of the strength I am most proud of. The same is true for many of your weaknesses; they are just the flip side of a strength you can use to create a future you want to live in.
We all have unconscious biases, where our instinct is far from being our friend. Learn which ones are driving you to make poor decisions, and become their masters.

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You do it yourself, develop yourself, with a more experienced person guiding you. Like in a Martial Art such as Aikido. Facilitated safe spaces (Dojos) to put it into practice with fellow practitioners. Sparring Peer-to-peer on the same journey you are on.

We also offer special programmes for those wanting to become advanced practioners, or to use elements in your coaching or consulting business.

This is for you, if you are interested in doing something to create a future for the planet, and realise that creating the future is a bigger challenge than you were brought up to deal with.

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