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The world today is changing fast, and it is nebulous. Who do we need to be as responsible human beings to create a future that is appealing? For most of us, who we are now is too small for the magnitude of the challenges in our present, let alone our future. The Adaptive Way for individuals gives you state of the art approaches to become who your world is asking you to become, so that you can create an appealing future for yourself and everyone you care about.

We’ve all spent our life learning who we are, what we should do, and what it all means. We’ve distilled these lessons into deep templates we use to give meaning to everything, into patterns of action and reaction. Now is the perfect time for each of us to deconstruct these scripts and patterns, anchored in our pasts, so that we can reconstruct ones that are future fit.

You get, in this 4 hour workshop, the opportunity to analyse where your company is in the three dimensions organisations live in, look at where your business drivers require you to be to thrive, and what initial steps you can take to begin the journey. The foundation for this workshop is Part 4 of the book Rebuild; please read this in advance. You get: 1) Group discussion of the three dimensions, and what each means to each participant’s business. 2) An evaluation of where your company is, using our online diagnostic (do this prior to the workshop) 3) An evaluation of where your business context is. 4) Exploring possible next steps you can take, and whether fully teal (level 5 on all three dimensions) is right for you. More information and register here: https://waitlistr.com/lists/945b820e/rebuild-your-3d-organisation
Start the startup that the future needs from you, become the person you to need to be to do the work you are in the world for. Regenerative in all the capitals you touch. The Evoluter University’s programs are designed for everyone who wants to work in a startup, whether as a founder, co-founder, team member; and of course for very early-stage startups focussed on prototyping and validating their business concept and forming the cofounding team. The core program of the University typically lasts three months, or however long is needed for the startup concept to have been validated and reach investment readiness. More information and register here:
Is your job no longer right for you and your family? Do you feel a change is becoming very urgent and you’re frustrated that it’s taking time? Are you experiencing a growing anxiety, perhaps even feeling overwhelmed at times? You want to make an impact but don’t know how or where to start. You know it is time to rebuild yourself and your career, and that that rebuild may well require you to start up your own company, one that is designed to rebuild nature, society, and everyone it touches; and that makes a very healthy profit because it is inherently healthy to work in. That journey must begin with your inner journey. The first job you were born with is to become someone; and in times of change we often need to work on who we have been. Who you are now was right for your past, but may not be enough for your future. More information and register here:
Are you a mum, or planning to become one, and currently figuring out what to do next? Do you want to reinvent your life or your career but don’t know how or where to start? Do you want to found your own start-up, and are looking for cofounders and support? This program is right for you if: You have had to scale back your career after having children or have gone back to work and finding that you no longer want what traditional “jobs” are offering you. You are being held back by feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what the right next step is, and allowing fear to stop you from reaching your most ambitious goals. The Evoluter’s Mumpreneur programs are designed to support you through this journey and help you to work with all of your current opportunities and setbacks, strengths and vulnerabilities. It is for women who want to invest in themselves and their children’s future – who are committed to sustainability, and see collaboration as essential (not optional), in achieving their goals. More information and register here:
This workshop series, led by the economics author of Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You (Jack Reardon, TW: @profJackReardon) dives deeper into the different themes of Part 2 of the book, along with the appendix. The workshop uses Rebuild: as the foundation, along with other reading material. More information and register here:
Can you see all of the options you have? Most of us cannot, because the lenses we are using are limited. If you are leading a company, or any other organisation, the more lenses you can use beyond binary logic (right/wrong, true/false), the more of the available options you will see. And the more options you see, the better your chances of finding the one best option you need for your company to thrive, and for you to thrive. This live workshop, led by Graham Boyd (TW: @GrahamBoydphd) one of the authors of Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You, gives you the opportunity to put into practice Chapter 9, with support from experienced facilitators. You will bring in one or more of your current challenges; perhaps you need to find a way to rebuild your business in the current Covid context. You will leave with practical options to use now, strategies and actions you can take to move forwards. To rebuild, so that you and your business thrives in the context you are embedded in. More information and register here:
Build your startup, or rebuild company, as a FairShares Commons. In this workshop, led by Graham Boyd (TW: @GrahamBoydphd) you will work through the FairShares Commons canvas, described in the book Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You. You will get at the end the foundation for then incorporating as a FairShares commons, the basis for working with us or a corporate lawyer to incorporate you company, inclusive of all capitals and stakeholders. More information and register here:
Who am I, and what should I do for whom? How do you answer those questions? Is how you answer them what you need to be able to thrive in the nebulous, rapidly changing, VUCA world of today? In these workshops you will apply the Evolutesix Adaptive Way described in Part 3 of the book Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You to yourself. You will get from the programme practical steps you can take so that who you are is exactly who you need to be to thrive in today’s world. You will work on yourself in small groups of up to 4 people per facilitator. More information and register here:
You already know enough to want to become a consultant or trainer in the approaches described in Rebuild, such as the Adaptive Way for the human dimension, integrated with the different approaches to roles and tasks such as sociocracy and Holacracy, as well as how to design an inclusive incorporation, the FairShares Commons? We are busy designing this programme for you right now; and the sooner we have 10 participants registered with paid deposits we will begin scheduling it, in the meantime register here:

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You do it yourself, develop yourself, with a more experienced person guiding you. Like in a Martial Art such as Aikido. Facilitated safe spaces (Dojos) to put it into practice with fellow practitioners. Sparring Peer-to-peer on the same journey you are on.

We also offer special programmes for those wanting to become advanced practioners, or to use elements in your coaching or consulting business.

This is for you, if you are interested in doing something to create a future for the planet, and realise that creating the future is a bigger challenge than you were brought up to deal with.

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