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Webinar 12 – Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You

January 25 @ 18:00 - 20:00

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2022: what ought we Rebuild, and how?

About this event

“2022: what ought we Rebuild, and how? Let us all come together and discuss what each of us can do in 2022 to fully express who we are and what we stand for through what we do to Rebuild the businesses and people we touch.”

This 90 minute discussion facilitated by Graham and Jack is a golden opportunity for us to do what COP26 failed to do; and in a way that enables each of us to shine as our best selves.

And for your friends, they’re welcome, they can read all about the book, find where to buy a copy, even try it out by downloading the free pdf, from here: https://graham-boyd.biz/rebuild-the-economy-leadership-and-you/
And if they want to know what it’s all about: the climate crisis, 17 sustainability development goals, and the personal challenges we are facing cannot be solved if we just try harder. Just as Picasso and Einstein realised a century ago, when problems are insoluble, it’s because the way we’re looking at the world is the problem. Rebuild is a toolkit filled with new lenses we can all use to solve challenges, from our personal challenges through to our global ones. (Btw, they’re inseparably connected.)

In this online book launch Jack and I will talk about a couple of our favourite themes in the book, and then open up for questions from everyone present. Join us and see how you can apply the toolkit to rebuild; because there has never been a better time to build a world we can all thrive in.
We’ve set this up on a donation basis; contribute what you wish to; you are very welcome regardless of whether you donate nothing or lots. What you do donate helps us continue working on the next book, and getting the insights of this book out to more people, and is very much appreciated!
Themes we’ll address.

Within the conventional container of profit and capital efficiency thinking, what we are doing looks pretty good, well-aligned with making more enterprises more profitable; which the prevailing paradigm assumes is in society’s best interests.

But we have systemic blindness. We have two concurrent economic worlds in the climate challenge, during the pandemic – one of suffering and catastrophes, another of the self-congratulatory joy of great runs in the markets. We see stellar business and profit success of late from the “financial markets world”, yet it is unglued from “underlying assets and people based world”. We live in some ways as if there really are these two worlds, even as we know there is but one.

Our current response is not capable of dealing with the challenge: it is linear (CV1-5), rather than a coherent whole nonlinear response (CV8 response, perhaps with a CV7 bridge, which is what our current FairShares commons is.) CV1-8 defined here: https://www.kosmosjournal.org/article/the-many-dimensions-of-change/

So to simplify, the aspects that are not working and not in society’s best interests are 1) structural economically – treating companies as property not persons, and what that leads to, what such structure sets up as outcomes 2) relational – not “getting” complete interdependence between all systems and beings 3) deep shared psyche (meaning-making, and limited by our low fluidity in thought-forms beyond simple binary logic); a psyche that holds the world in such a way that fracturing into different concurrent worlds happens, AND WE ARE OK WITH IT.



January 25
18:00 - 20:00