How to change a start-up CEO smoothly

how to change a start-up CEO smoothly

One of the biggest risks for any business is to change the CEO. Especially if the CEO needs to be ejected against his or her will. Start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, are typically built around the CEO, and held together by the CEO. Especially if the CEO is the founder.

But each of us has an optimum size and type of organisation to lead. Founders are often really good at doing just (more…)

3 Design Elements for a Teal Company

3 TealThree things you need in your company articles or constitution that give you a Teal organisation with solid foundations:

  1. Separate past and future – in most modern organisations they are woven together and are inseparable.
  2. Ensure that all contributions to the company’s success share equitably in the gains created by those contributions – share equitably in any profit generated by that success.
  3. Ensure that every opinion relevant to (more…)

Why you collide with colleagues (2) and loss of business value

Flow and reducing accidents Continuing the idea of workflow and reducing accidents (from blog post “”), where we used the metaphor of road intersection structures as key to reducing collisions between cars to illustrate how interactions between colleagues can be structured to reduce collisions.

The same holds true for financial flows in businesses, and any other capitals; e.g. human capital, intellectual etc.

In the beginning, companies were designed for capital to flow in a cycle, to be preserved as a minimum, and hopefully multiplied. (more…)

Why you collide with colleagues 1

Flow and reducing accidentsA century ago, there were few cars on the road and few accidents. Avoiding collisions was up to each driver’s skill. Roads weren’t marked, there were no stop signs at intersections, no traffic lights and certainly no flyovers.

Today, we know that no matter how much you train drivers, teach them courtesy and respect for weaker road users (like motorcyclists and cyclists,) accidents will happen. We’ve learnt that the best way to reduce accidents is by shaping the roads so (more…)

“I’ve been sabotaging your work. Let’s talk.”

sabotage.jpeg3 steps to productivity and engagement

“Graham, I’d like to talk with you about how I’ve been unintentionally sabotaging your work as transformation CEO,” said T. on day 3 of our strategy meeting.

How often was this the conversation that I’ve needed; that you’ve needed; and that we all too seldom have? Instead someone is blamed, trained or fired. If a square peg is in a round hole, ask yourself whether round is the only (more…)