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To ROI—Or Not To ROI?

Yes, It Can Be Done Practically and Economically!

(re-posted from Ed Holton’s blog.)
For as long as I have been in the HRD profession ROI has been the “holy grail” of training evaluation.  Unfortunately, an effective AND practical method has been elusive.  Despite literally decades of promoting it, the fact is ROI is rarely calculated for training investments.
Debate has swirled for years about how best to calculate ROI.  Evaluation purists have developed effective methods, but they are mostly impractical for all but the biggest training initiatives.  The methods promoted by purists tend to be (more…)

Lean and Learning

I’ve just enjoyed reading this blog by Larry Miller, on creating Lean Management, Cultures and structures. Lean has always appealed to me, as one way of getting high performance from individuals by creating high performance environments around individuals. So that any individual cannot be anything other than a high performing individual.

Of course the history of high performance is littered with many more failed than successful attempts. After all, the only way to do this is to get the entire system tuned and aligned; and just like a formula 1 racing car, a small change at the back (more…)