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Designed Clumsy: today’s institutions

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Teachers in the UK were on strike yesterday. “We have no other choice” they said.

DSC_3659-sThe UK institutions of teaching are designed to be clumsy. As are almost all companies, from the smallest to the largest.

Clumsy because almost all stakeholders have no other power than the brutal choice between working or not working. Buying or not buying.

Yesterday, the teachers’ intent centres on finding better ways to (more…)

The job employees hire their company to do

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Mike Manager hired a new saleswoman, Sally Seller.

Mike had prepared clear hiring criteria. Excellence in selling, resilience and an outgoing personality were his top three. The job description was clear, the incentive scheme was clear, and the expectations were clear.

Three years later, Sally filled in the employee survey. Like most of her colleagues, she ticked the boxes for low motivation, that less than 30% of her capabilities were used, and that she was looking for another job.