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Responsible Leadership 2

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For what is a leader responsible, and by whom and how is the leader held accountable?

In an earlier blog I answered this question from the perspective of the structures, processes and institutions outside the leader.

It’s also important to look at the leader’s beliefs about themselves, other people, and the world. In other words, the internal mental models they refer to when deciding what responsible leadership is, for what and how they hold themselves accountable.

Over the past few decades we’ve learnt a lot (more…)

Responsible Leadership 1

For what is a leader responsible; by whom and how is the leader held accountable?

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It is very clear that much leadership, not just in business and politics, is failing. Failing,  according to our global society’s expectations. We certainly need far-ranging transformations in leadership.

“Is this leader responsible or irresponsible” is what is typically asked today. Often with the answer “Irresponsible.”And so we try to find leaders with better values.

What would we do differently if we worked from the assumption that most (more…)