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What is a Company for?

Length: 1000 words

What is a company for?” asked Charles Handy in 1995 1. Traditionally “maximise total shareholder returnDSC_3698s.2” A company can therefore be viewed as a multiplication machine. A tool to multiply the capital of its investors. (This extends this blog on Multi Stakeholder voting.)

Three changes of the past decades require a fundamental re-design of this tool:

  1. Capitals and Consumables are (more…)

Leading with love

I’ve just written this blog with Giles Hutchins, author of The Nature of Business, a good read for anyone who wants a more innovative and agile way of staying in business.

Here’s the intro, follow the link to his site for the full blog.

In 1986 the average knowledge worker carried in their heads 75% of the knowledge they needed to do their job. By 2006 the average had dropped to 8%, today it’s around 5%, and within 10 years the average will be 1%. (ref. Carnegie-Mellon rolling study by Robert Kelley).


Tomorrow’s Manager: a knowledge meshworker

The era of the knowledge worker is passing;

the era of the knowledge meshworker, or 1% knowledge worker, has arrived.

Peter Drucker, around 1959, coined the term knowledge worker(1). Most of you reading this are knowledge workers, whatever your (more…)