Good leadership – personal transparency

The blog below (in German) from Steffen summarises well the changes needed for leadership in today’s world.

As another co-presenter and participant in the Leadership^3 event in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, I too am impressed at how much more effectively people can perform when they are able to transparently share all they bring. Only then can everyone in a team see clearly how their strengths matter; how each also brings weaknesses to the table; and that only by knowing another’s weaknesses can I see clearly how to deploy my strengths.

Which means one of the core roles (more…)

Leadership: mechanic and healer

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Summary: Leadership today means multiple, contradictory but related paradigms. Including the leader as ego-driven “machine fixer” and ego-less “healer” of human beings and their interactions. Each drives performance in the other. So a good leader today needs both.

Lorraine Leader must deliver the numbers. Every board meeting the investors say “We want more. More topline and more bottomline.”machine-org

“What else (more…)

What is a Company for?

Length: 1000 words

What is a company for?” asked Charles Handy in 1995 1. Traditionally “maximise total shareholder returnDSC_3698s.2” A company can therefore be viewed as a multiplication machine. A tool to multiply the capital of its investors. (This extends this blog on Multi Stakeholder voting.)

Three changes of the past decades require a fundamental re-design of this tool:

  1. Capitals and Consumables are (more…)

Law as if the planet were mission-critical

Mumta Ito is a lawyer specialising in law good for all species on the planet. Not just homo sapiens, and certainly not a subset of homo sapiens!

Our legal system has its roots in a time when most people had very few freedoms. A time when there were very few people. A time when nature was infinite, for all practical purposes.

This time has long past, meaning that a legal system that was fit for purpose now has gaps. Gaps, that is, if the purpose is protecting us from harm. Because now, to protect ourselves from harm, we need to (more…)

The line manager has the biggest impact on learning activation

An excellent blog post here, summarising the role the line manager plays. It’s been clear for over 2 decades that the line manager has a bigger impact than trainer or participant. And yet few line managers have the support they need to enable them help their people turn new learning into new performance.

Which is where we come in … use TransferLogix from Learning Transfer Solutions to enable your line managers apply best practice in helping their people activate new learning.