and how to get the rest just as good.

As this article:

says, what makes a truly great manager lies in a few fairly obvious things. What Google found out of the data from their internal study is exactly what makes a great Google manager. Which may have nothing to do with what makes a great Lufthansa manager, for example.

Google is heavily reliant on solid data, even in their HR, a field often relying only on experience and intuition. Forward-thinking companies though, like Google, are turning more and more to data to complement experience and intuition.  (See Todd Safferstone, MD, Corporate Leadership Council of the Corporate Executive Board, comment in the above article)

Firstly to identify exactly which behaviours deliver performance within their culture for their strategy in their business environment.

Secondly, to measure the factors impacting people’s ability to apply new ways of working; and so turn any disabling factor into an enabling factor.

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