By Graham
Posted on: 2012-07-31 Uncategorized

Who owns the human capital in your organisation?

Human capital is worth more than any other type of capital in many of today’s organisations.

It is also fundamentally different, because in most of the world the organisation, the employer, does absolutely not own their human capital.

Human capital is owned in little chunks, called people, each chunk owned by that person himself or herself. Organisations receive, minute by minute, an investment of human capital by the owners of that capital. An investment of

  • time,
  • knowledge and
  • action,
  • driven by the belief of the individual that that investment will be adequately rewarded.

This has huge consequences for companies wishing to increase the value of their human capital. They can only do this well by increasing all four items above. In particular increasing the belief that the investment of time, knowledge and action will be adequately rewarded. (No other type of company capital requires this!)

The tetraLD approach, powered by TransferLogix, enables companies know exactly how to change the work environment so that people have reason to believe, and truly do believe, that their efforts will be rewarded.