By Graham
Posted on: 2010-09-17 Uncategorized

The business value of values

Companies that continue thriving well beyond the lifetime of the founder have solid corporate values. These are used to guide decision making, especially those tough decisions where the quick money points one way, but long-term or big picture perspectives point the other way. Think here of some of the oldest companies around, like P&G.

Whenever one of our clients needs a to get their culture shifted, so that it is fully aligned with their purpose and strategy, we’re invariably asked “I know having clear and solid values feels right, but how can we measure them? How can we measure the business benefit, or how well we’re doing?”

You can measure the values, and assess how ‘fit for use’ they are for the companies’ purpose, using for example Richard Barrett’s approach. Two years ago an EU project began to take this to a higher level, developing a set of practical indicators. I’ve been following and engaging with the researchers since then, looking forward to the first public release. This has now happened, and they are looking for organisations to join them in the next phase. This is to validate the indicators with a very large number of companies.

If you’d like to shape your culture and values to really support your purpose, and get full engagement from all your staff, give us a call to find out more about how tetraLD and WeValue indicators can be useful to you.

Here’s the press announcement:

EU-funded Research Inspires the We Value Collaborative Community and Web Platform with over 170 Values-based Indicators and Easy to Use Assessment Methodology  makes ground-breaking values-based Indicators and assessment tools for measuring values Accessible to Businesses, Civil Society Organisations and Faith-based Communities Worldwide.