Monthly Archives: September 2010

The business value of values

Companies that continue thriving well beyond the lifetime of the founder have solid corporate values. These are used to guide decision making, especially those tough decisions where the quick money points one way, but long-term or big picture perspectives point the other way. Think here of some of the oldest companies around, like P&G.

Whenever one of our clients needs a to get their culture shifted, so that it is fully aligned with their purpose and strategy, we’re invariably asked “I know having clear and solid values feels right, but how can we measure them? How can we measure the (more…)

Are executives worth their huge pay packets?

There are a few who do, but the majority do not. And the situation is deteriorating.

A BBC Radio 4 programme, “Can Pay, Will Pay” broadcast on September 16 and 17, concludes that there is a pay bubble and bonus bubble.

The drivers behind this bubble are systemic. So there is little any individual company can do to reduce compensation to match it to executive and managerial performance.

What any organisation can do is increase executive performance. In particular, few executives are high-performing motivators, few can enable their people to consistently themselves perform at the highest level. PhD research (more…)