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Think your way to success

“No no, that’s not thinking, that’s just logic.” – Niels Bohr

Having a successful life means first knowing what you want and then working towards it.

At the end of my PhD, I and some of my fellow physicists went hiking in the Dolomites, mostly in freezing cold above the snow line. On the way down on towards the end my long-serving hiking boots began to disintegrate. Back home, I decided that I wanted to do a lot more hiking and I bought a sturdy pair of boots, good for snow hiking. I’ve hardly ever used (more…)

Return on Human Investment

Employees are investors.

Employees are investors of themselves. Investors of their time, yes. But for a company to succeed, it needs all staff to invest all of themselves. Not just their time.

Human Return on Human Investment

How might you be even more successful if you, your company, thought that way?

While I was at Procter and Gamble, there was an initiative to treat staff truly as human capital. Neither as assets nor as liabilities.

The framing question to ask as a manager is: “am I maximising the human return on human investment”?

This cuts both ways:

  1. Am (more…)

Are you big enough?

If you’re an investor funding a start-up; the CEO; or a member of the leadership team – long term business success depends on you, the CEO and the leadership team being “big” enough to do the job.

Skills and experience are simply not enough for success today. You need to be big enough to grasp complexity, paradox and potential.

Friday after work, and Sally Sales and  Megan Marketing were walking towards the pub and saw two guys engaged in an age-old pub ritual. Where one challenges the other with the words “Come on, are you man enough?”(more…)

Mortality, memories and I

Wednesday evening, a long day in the City re-inventing edge’s businemortalitymemorieslegacyss model, walking home from the tube.

Minutes later with neighbours doing CPR to bring another neighbour, Vic back to life.

30 minutes later I’m holding the saline drip, 4 paramedics doing all they can. Well done guys, impressed by the calm teamwork from a NHS and St John’s working together.

Watching him turn blue, slowly sliding from is to was.

Vic. Almost 93. Chatty, happy, vitality writ large. Vic and Barbara each morning (more…)

Tools and Jobs

It’s easy to forget
that our modern world is the way it is
because we invented it.

It’s easy to forget
that the tool we invented to do a job
is not the job itself.

It’s easy to forget
today’s company with shareholders and employees,
was a tool to create factories.

It’s easy to forget
that even today’s democratic UK
was mostly invented between 1836 and 1928.

Remember, our job is to invent the right tools for tomorrow
(not just polish (more…)